Doctorate in an innovative and excellent research environment

The Department of History and Social Sciences offers committed young researchers an outstanding research environment. The doctorate at the Department is regarded as a scientific qualification and the first stage of a career, in which the doctoral candidates qualify for different career goals.

There are two ways of gaining a doctorate at the Technical University of Darmstadt:

  • Traditional – doctoral candidates carry out research individually under the supervision of the supervisor and are not bound to a mandatory programme of studies.
  • Structured – doctoral candidates conduct their studies within the context of a structured doctoral programme, mostly in a group with other early career researchers.

All Information concerning doing a doctorate at the Technical University of Darmstadt can be found at the web page for Early Career Researchers.

Degrees are granted by the departments at the Technical University of Darmstadt. This means you need to be accepted as a doctoral candidate by a department. To apply for acceptance as a doctoral candidate, a formal application is made to the department’s doctoral board.

Englische Fassung der Promotionsordnung (8th Amendment to the Doctoral Regulations)

(The English translation is for information purposes only. The legally binding document is the German version).

Part of the procedure for the admission of a doctoral candidate includes establishing whether the person has the necessary qualifications to do a doctorate or whether proof of any further examinations needs to be provided. The most important documents for doing a doctorate at the Department of HIstory and Social Sciences can be found on the following pages (in German):

General information about the doctoral studies at TU Darmstadt

Special Provisions Department 2 (DE)

For further information please switch to German language.