Teaching at the Department

On this website you will find information about the legal framework for study and teaching and about TUCaN, the central organizational system for courses and examinations at the TU Darmstadt.

Guidelines for lecturers

The brochure “Guidelines for Teachers” (August 2017; German) from the Faculty of History and Social Sciences provides you with information on the legal framework for study and teaching at the TU Darmstadt.

The following topics are addressed in this guideline:

  • Responsibilities in student management
  • roles in TUCaN
  • organization of courses and examinations
  • handling of re-examination and plagiarism
  • documentation and archiving

TUCaN for lecturers

TUCaN is the Campus-Management System of TU Darmstadt.

FAQ for lecturers

Course administration

The course manager implements the course schedule of the institutes in TUCaN, and inputs the teaching courses by entering the courses, appointments and rooms. Contact:

Teaching abroad

The EU's ERASMUS+ program contributes to the internationalization of higher education institutions and promotes the cooperation and exchange of European universities.

If you are interested in being a short-term visiting teacher at a European partner university, you will find all information you need in the webpage Personnel and Teacher Mobility in order to realize your plans.

IT Services

The Department of History and Social Sciences operates mainly with its own servers, especially web, email and file servers of the Department and the Institutes. For legal reasons, access to all IT services ceases with the termination of employment.

Please contact our for appropriate login information or for any issues concerning the following services:

  • Email
  • TU-ID
  • Telephone/FAX
  • Hardware or software acquisition
  • Web server
  • File server
  • NextCould
  • CIP-Pool