Teaching at Grammar Schools

Teaching at Grammar Schools

The programme combines the study two subjects taught at grammar schools, which you can freely combine with each other. A third subject can be chosen as a supplementary subject (see this page below).

The two prinicpal subjects are framed by the study of basic sciences in pegagoy, psychology, sociology and political science.

The special feature of the Teaching at Grammar Schools programme at TU Darmstadt is its MINT Profile which offers the unique opportunity to view subjects in the humanities and social sciences from a technical/scientific perspective. This helps you to acquire interdisciplinary scientific and technical skills, something very useful for interdisciplinary teaching projects.

Practical phases during the courseenable you to gain initial experience in teaching and to develop your own teaching personality. In addition to these practical phases, two internships must be completed: an orientation internship in the field of pedagogical work with children and adolescents (which should be completed as far as possible before the start of your studies) and a company internship in the industrial service sector.

The standard length of the programme is nine semesters. It finishes with the First State Examination, the organisation of which is with the “Hessische Lehrkräfteakademie”.

The following subjects are offered at Department of History and Social Sciences (German taught):




Politics and Economics

Course documents Teaching Degrees (regulations, study and examination plans, module handbook)