Master of Arts

Master of Arts

To be accepted onto a Master's programme, it is an admission requirement to hold a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree on the same study path at TU Darmstadt or an equivalent qualification.

Course Programmes

Providing greater academic depth, the Master's programme builds on the first stage with successful completion resulting in a second degree. A Master's programme may be research-based or applied. A Master's degree qualifies the holder to begin studying for a doctorate and is the equivalent of the (previous) Diplom and Magister Artium qualifications.

The following Master of Arts programmes are offered at Department of History and Social Sciences:

Applied Linguistics

Data and Discourse Studies (English taught)


Governance and Public Policy

International Studies/Peace and Conflict Research

Linguistic and Literary Computing (bilingual German/English)


Political Theory


Technology and Philosophy

Course documents Master of Arts (regulations, study and examination plans, module handbook)