Master of Education

The teaching profession at vocational schools is particularly characterised by its diversity. As a teacher at vocational schools, you will work with young adults at different levels of qualification, i.e. in vocational preparation, vocational qualification and study qualification programmes, as well as within the framework of continuing vocational training programmes.

Master of Education

Teaching at Vocational Schools = Bachelor + Master of Education

In the teacher training course at vocational schools, you study a vocational specialisation with the degree Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) plus a general teaching subject with the degree Master of Education (M.Ed.) which you can freely choose from the range of subjects on offer at TU Darmstadt. Additionally, a third subject can be studied (see “Supplementary Courses in Teaching” on this page below). Bachelor AND Master of Education in combination are equivalent to the First State Examination and entitle to the preparatory teaching service (Referendariat).

The training always includes the study of educational and social sciences. Several integrated practical phases give you the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in your future field of school activity and to develop your teaching skills.

Please note: For admission into the Bachelor of Education programme, a previously gained practical professional/vocational and work experience in the chosen field with a duration of at least 52 weeks is obligatory.

The following subjects are offered at Department of History and Social Sciences (German taught):

Catholic Religion

German Studies



Politics and Economics

Protestant Religion

Course documents (regulations, study and examination plans, module handbook)