Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects of the Research Focus "Transformation of Energy and Climate Policy"

Name Topic Funding Coordinator
Kopernikus Phase III: Ariande2 Energy Transformation BMBF Prof. Knodt
Clean Circles Energy Transformation HMWK, Clusterproject Prof. Knodt
PAEGIE − Partizipative Energietransformation Energy Transformation BMWi Prof. Knodt
Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence: EU expertise at School Governance of the European Multi-Level System, Energy Transformation EU/Erasmus+ Prof. Knodt
Kopernikus Phase II:Ariadne Energy Transformation BMBF Prof. Knodt
emergenCITY Governance of catastrophes HMWK (Loewe Program) Prof. Knodt
Graduiertenkolleg Kritische Infrastrukturen Critical Infrastructure DFG Prof. Knodt
Institutionalizing Low Carbon Development (INLOCADE) Global climate politics DFG Prof. Lederer