Login iRedAdmin

Login iRedAdmin
Login iRedAdmin

1. Browse to https://mail.gugw.tu-darmstadt.de/iredadmin/

2. Enter your credentials.

The username is your complete emailadress, use copy and paste to enter your password in case of trouble with special characters.

3. Sign in.

Check https://mail.gugw.tu-darmstadt.de to find out more, e.g. mailserver settings, out-of-office-notices …

Change the given password

1. Goto Einstellungen

2. klick Passwort in the right corner

3. Enter your new password and verify

The password length need to have at least 8 signs, allowed special charakters are “#$%&'”*+-,.:;!<=>?@[]/\(){}^_`~“

4. Save your changes by pressing the Ӏnderungen speichern"

The next time a mailclient or mobile device is used to access your mailaccount, the new password has to be entered.