1. Download the „Anmeldung zur Abschlussarbeit (Registration for thesis) (opens in new tab) “ form (which will open in a new tab). Complete the PDF form electronically.

2. Forward the completed form to the first assessor and ask them to sign it and add the date of assigning the topic (= start of set term during which the final thesis is to be written and submitted to the Office for Student Affairs). Please note and ensure that the start of the set term is not the date of submitting this form to the Office for Student Affairs, but the date, on which the topic was assigned. The date of topic assignment must not be predated.

3. The first assess will return the form to you by email.

4. Follow the same procedure when sending your registration to the second assessor. (The form signed by the first assessor will be sent to the second assessor requesting their signature.)

5. After signing, the assessor will return the form to the student by email.

6. Forward the now fully completed form to the Office for Student Affairs by email.

7. The Office for Student Affairs will now check the submitted documentation.

8. Provided your registration is complete and valid, you will be registered for the final module / to write the thesis in TUCaN by the person in charge at the Office for Student Affairs.

9. The Office for Student Affairs will inform everybody involved (student, assessors) about the successfully completed registration.