Announcement of the Program of the HDSM Oberseminar for the Winter Semester 2023/24


HDSM is thrilled to announce the new session of the Oberseminar during the upcoming winter semester 2023/24. The Oberseminar is a forum for the presentation and discussion of state of the art research in the fields of Digital History, Digital Humanities, Multimodal Oral History, Collections as Data and other cognate disciplines.

TU Darmstadt colleagues and students may attend in person; national and international colleagues may attend via Zoom, following Eventbrite signup (signup details to follow)

The Oberseminar is a weekly event from mid-October 2023 to mid-February 2024 and it is scheduled on Tuesdays from 4:15 to 5:55 pm (CET).

The venue for in-person attendance: S102/36, Hochschulstraße 3, 64289 Darmstadt


Tue 17 Oct.- 16:15 S102/36 orientation and housekeeping session [For TU Darmstadt students / colleagues only]

24 Oct.-Dr. Nadezhda Povroznik (TU Darmstadt) “Museums’ Digital Identity: Shaping the concept from the Historical Perspective”

31 Oct.- Prof. Niels Brügger (Aarhus University) “Three cases of web history: (1) a country’s entire web domain, (2) tracing one term’s history, and (3) investigating the communicative history of football clubs’ websites”

7 Nov.- Assoc. Prof. Santiago Perez Isasi (University of Lisbon) “Designing a digital corpus of Spanish literary histories: objectives, methods, uses”

14 Nov.- Sara Akhlaq (TU Darmstadt) “Intersectional Feminist Perspectives on Digital Museum Collections through Counterdata Visualisations”

21 Nov.- Assoc. Prof. Melanie Conroy (The University of Memphis) “Mapping Social Networks in Smaller Datasets”

28 Nov.- Assoc. Prof. Mette Skov (Aalborg University)“Towards a data driven approach to studying museum communication”

5 Dec.- Olga Kashavkina (TU Darmstadt) “Construction of gender discourse in oral history interviews”

12 Dec.- Yashee Singh (TU Darmstadt) “Colonialism on and off screen: A study about the effect of colonialism and digital colonialism on literature in Indian Languages”

19 Dec.- Anne Wichmann (digital artist, New York, Aurora)“More Horses Than Women”

9 Jan.- Prof. Lik Hang Tsui (City University of Hong Kong) “Histories of the Digital Humanities in the Chinese World”

16 Jan.- Dr. Jaap Geraerts (Leibniz University) „Networks of confessional affiliation: religious choice and the Schism of Utrecht, 1702 – c. 1775”

23 Jan.- Frieda Schmidt (University of Greifswald) “Mixed Methods in Historical Research: Analysing Patterns, Discovering Secrets”

30 Jan.- Dr. Manolis Wallace, Dr.Vassilis Poulopoulos (University of the Peloponnese) “The content around the content”

06 Feb.- [For registered TU Darmstadt students only] Final presentations

The “Oberseminar” events will be held in a hybrid format. If you would like to join us, there is an option for both online and in-person attendance. Registration will soon be available via Eventbrite.

If you are interested in more information about HDSM activities, please join us on the blog.